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Distance Coaching and a New Program

Jayme and I have just started training with a new olympic weightlifting program. We're going to be lifting together in the mornings, and getting distance coaching from Nick Horton.

Here's what we're going to be up to:


F. Squat to a moderately heavy 3 (for warm up only).
Jerk x2x8 (over 80%)
Clean 1RM, drop 20%, work back up to 3RM.
Snatch Pull x1x5 @ snatch 1RM + a bit


Squat 1RM + Heavy 3
Snatch 1RM
RDL x 5 x 3 @ clean 1RM + a bit


F. Squat to moderatly heavy 3 (for warm up only)
Jerk x2x8 (over 80%)
Clean 1RM, drop 20%, work up to 3RM
Clean Pull x1x5 @ clean 1RM + a bit

Monday (screw around in the gym day)

F. Squat 1RM + Heavy 3
Bench x5x3

During each session, we record one anothers' lifts, and then upload the video to Nick, and he provides feedback. We've been through a week of it so far. Right now, we're both focusing on our jerk, as that's a weak spot for both of us.

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