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Dear Frye boot folks,

This year for Christmas, I got a new pair of Frye boots. They are a replacement for a pair of harness boots I've had since 2001.

My old Fryes have been through hell and high water with me. For three years I worked at a wetland plant nursery, which meant my boots got wet. A lot. I did my best to keep them dry and to treat them with boot oil to keep them in shape, but they eventually started wearing down.

My old Frye boots

The left boot got slashed with a machete one time, but it kept my foot safe, and while you can still see where it cut the leather, it didn't get all the way through, though, and the boots continued to serve me well.

I've had my Fryes resoled twice, and reheeled more times than I can count. Eventually, the toes scuffed straight through, so I took them to my cobbler to see about capping the toes. At first he suggested I just duct tape them up, but I convinced him to give them a leather cap toe. One of them came back a little bit crooked, but they gave my boots a couple more years of life so I wasn't about to complain.

The instep, which had been weakened from all the hard living my boots had done eventually wore through, and while this left my Fryes about as weatherproof as a a pair of Chaco sandals, I still wore the hell out of them.

Now they've gotten to the point where they needed a new sole, and the leather isn't up for a resoling at this point. A few months ago, I had to put them into retirement.

Which is why I was thrilled to get a new pair for Christmas. The only problem is I got a pair of men's size 9.5 regular (D) width, and I need the 9.5 (or 10) wides (EE). Zappo's has a fantastic return policy, and are happy to make the trade, but when I asked about the particular size I needed, they said that they don't know when that size would be coming in, but they put me down to get an email notification when and if they do.

All I'm asking for, is if it isn't too difficult, could you please send a pair of 9.5 EE Gaucho Harness 12R boots to Zappo's so they can get them along to me. I'd be just as happy with another color, but my email notification is for the Gauchos, so if it's easier for you to send the chocolate or dark brown boots, please include a little note with my email address, so they know not to sell them to someone else.

I've attached a picture of the boots with the custom toe caps, and all their wear and tear. I'm looking forward to another ten years with my next Fryes. Maybe twenty. My days of tromping around in swamps are behind me, so I don't wear my boots as hard as I used to.

With great appreciation,

Cliff Dyer

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